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1858 Staffordshire Knot Lodge was Consecrated by the then Provincial Grand Master, Lt.Col.Vernon at the Shire Hall Stafford, with 100 brethren present.


Our first Worshipful Master, in 1858, was W.Bro.G.Spilsbury. From this date the Lodge regularly met at The Grand Junction Hotel, Stafford until 1861, then The Vine Hotel, Stafford until 1872. The Lodge then transferred once more to the North Western Hotel, Stafford. From 1880 meetings were held at The Swan, Stafford.













In 1879 The Earl of Shrewsbury - Charles Henry John was Initiated into the Lodge at the age of 19.


1930 W.Bros.R.B.Mummery, H.Owen and W.J.Dean, made a gift to the Lodge of three chains, still worn today on the collars of the Lodge’s Principal Officers.


1933 On his death, Bro.C.H.Turkington left a bequest for the specific purpose of forming a fund devoted to the building of a Masonic Temple in Stafford. The bequest finally came to nearly £12,000 a sum estimated to be worth approximately £550,000 today.


1951 Earl of Shrewsbury installed as W.M. of the Lodge.











1952 The purchase of Gaol Square Chapel, Stafford, for conversion into a Masonic Temple.

The Masonic Temple at Gaol Square remains the

home of Staffordshire Knot Lodge No.726 as well

asof various other lodges to this day.











1957 W.Bro.R.B.Mummery appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master.













1958 Lodge Centenary Meeting. 1960 W.Bro.RE.Mummery appointed Provincial Grand Master.


2008 W.Bro.C.B.Denne appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master. (22nd October) Lodge Sesquicentennial celebration meeting.














2011  W.Bro.Dr.M.S.Rawle appointed as Provincial Senior Grand Warden.


2011 Staffordshire Knot Lodge 726 -












2016  W.Bro.Dr.M.S.Rawle appointed as Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
















Key Dates in our Lodge History



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